The History

We started back in 2012. A friend by the name of Ray Paige, owner of Supreme Styles, had a desire to partner with my husband and I. Accepting the challenge, my husband began marketing by method of hand and foot. I took care of the designing! Business was great! We printed for family reunions, church events, and businesses. Mr. Paige release my husband and I to tackle the business on our own around 2014. There have been many late working nights. Some nights lasted up until 1:00 a.m. However, our hard work and dedication is paying off! We have launched several successful tee shirt campaigns. We also gained a small faithful clientele. Our most popular tee shirt campaign is the "Blessed Never Stressed" tee! But there is more to come..........

One Word Collection "2014"
Owner: Angela Weddington
One Word Collection "2014"
Owner: Blakley Weddington

Our Name Is Changing! 


Growing Plant

That's right! You heard it from us first! We are so excited that God has expanded our business. We love to sell tee shirts; however, there will be other products offered as well. Stay on the look out for the switch!