The History

We started back in 2012. A friend by the name of Ray Paige, owner of Supreme Styles, had a desire to partner with my husband and I. Accepting the challenge, my husband began marketing by method of hand and foot. I took care of the designing! Business was great! We printed for family reunions, church events, and businesses. Mr. Paige release my husband and I to tackle the business on our own around 2014. There have been many late working nights. Some nights lasted up until 1:00 a.m. However, our hard work and dedication is paying off! We have launched several successful tee shirt campaigns. We also gained a small faithful clientele. Our most popular tee shirt campaign is the "Blessed Never Stressed" tee! But there is more to come..........

One Word Collection "2014"
Owner: Angela Weddington
One Word Collection "2014"
Owner: Blakley Weddington

Our Name Is Changing! 


That's right! You heard it from us first! We are so excited that God has expanded our business. We love to sell tee shirts; however, there will be other products offered as well. Stay on the look out for the switch!

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Written Word Clothing

19079 Cypress Springs Court
Charles City, VA 23030

(757) 879-1660